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…we could immediately see that Svenja was a person who we could place our trust in…

Fotos ©Esther Fürstenberg


Svenja – trustworthy, fun, positive, experienced.
Our wedding – perfect!

We started off organizing our own wedding without the help of a planner. However, as a French/Finnish couple living in Berlin, we quickly found out how difficult this really can be without a network of contacts and previous experience. Enter Svenja. She found the perfect spot and knew the right people for the job (such as the DJ, photographer, dress maker etc.), and instead of having to trust several different people to do their job right, all we had to do was trust Svenja’s recommendations. We could immediately see that Svenja was a person who we could place our trust in. Also, through her experience, she knew everything that needed to be done in order to make our wedding day go as planned. The preparation of our wedding went from being stressful work to a positive experience.

The wedding day itself was perfect. All we had to worry about was remembering our vows. Svenja took care of the rest. This gave us a lot of time to fully enjoy the company of our guests who, for most of them, came a long way to share this beautiful day with us. Everyone, including us, had a lot of fun!

To you Svenja: thank you so much for staying positive and available at all times. This day wouldn’t have been so great without your help. Thanks to you we will always look back on this day with great joy.
With Love,


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